Experts in Commercial Real Estate

For years, our clients have relied us to provide expert advice and guidance on commercial real estate transactions.

Brokerage.  To assist you in the acquisition, sale or leasing of commercial real estate, our team of committed advisors will apply their vast commercial real estate experience and true market knowledge. Time and again, our clients have been successful with our intelligent marketing strategies.

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Market Research.  Using the latest tools and techniques, our research team is always mindful of present market trends. This market expertise is core to our clients' ability to make well-informed decisions.

Analysis/Valuation.  You can trust our staff to provide you an analysis of your property that is honest, researched and thorough (whether a single asset or portfolio) backed by historical data as well as current market trends. Based on your unique situation, we'll help you set goals and objectives for your investments.

Landlord Representation.  We aid property owners in finding prospective tenants by using a variety of approaches in addition to savvy, targeted marketing efforts. Once we define these targeted tenants, we set our sights on the decision makers, inform them of your available space, and stand by you in the remainder of the lease-up process.

Tenant Representation.  Whether you are relocating your existing offices or seeking the perfect place to start fresh, you need a partner possessing an encyclopedic understanding of the Edmond market. Stephen Craig Bridewell, LLC will help you examine your needs, narrow down your best candidates and ultimately pick the location and the terms that are the best fit.